in return for this in a sentence

"in return for this" in Chinese  
  1. You will have that support in return for this delightful meal,
  2. Upstream fish passage projects were postponed in return for this offer.
  3. In return for this support, Webern dedicated the work to him.
  4. In return for this, Germany would supply coal and steel tubing.
  5. In return for this information, the South Circular Road.
  6. It's difficult to find in return for this in a sentence.
  7. In return for this charity, they are expected to lead exemplary lives.
  8. In return for this initiative, Gold Crown shops are expected to generally improve.
  9. In return for this teaser, he lets me have six minutes of questioning:
  10. In return for this partnership, he made available maps of the Allied aircrew.
  11. If Britain was getting much in return for this stance, it might be understandable.
  12. In return for this loss, portions of Bethlehem and Watervliet were added to Albany.
  13. In return for this favor Heracles bestowed his famed bow and poison arrows upon Poeas.
  14. In return for this higher risk, though, executives typically get larger stock option grants.
  15. In return for this honor, the town agreed to promote historic preservation and environmental protection.
  16. In return for this action, Mathews received the British East and West Africa campaign medal.
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