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  1. Stravinsky then in many cases would travel systematically through the array to derive long melodic lines, as he does with this array to produce the rhythmic canon, but the hexachords are displaced, the tenor leading with hexachords II II IV V VI and the alto following, but with hexachords I II II IV V, and the pitches within corresponding hexachords are in retrograde order.
  2. This is followed by an agitated " presto " section, based on the final bars of the main theme, and the sonata concludes with a bold evocation of its very opening measures, with an ascending arpeggio ( essentially an inversion of the descending figure from the Allegro's second phrase ), followed by a fortissimo full statement of the opening fanfare in retrograde.
  3. :: Thanks; sounds like just dementia, as just her placement of the date was faulty and she knew her daughter was her daughter, rather than thinking her daughter should be about 5 years old, whereas in retrograde amnesia everything shifts back to that date, if I'm understandingit right .  Preceding contribs ) 21 : 27, 28 January 2008 ( UTC)
  4. The following measures present three transformations of this opening trichord, in retrograde-inversion, retrograde, and inverse forms ( D B D, G A F, and A E G, respectively ) separated into the mid-high, high, and lowest registers, respectively ( therefore with interval patterns of  " 3 + 4,  " 4 + 3, and  " 4 + 3 ).
  5. "Without my being aware, our friendship, which had risen to its supreme fulfillment in an original burst of mutual genius, had already, and for some time, begun its descent, its countdown, or, to use a musical term, its canone inverso . " ( A canone inverso is one in which the second voice is the first one played upside down; Maurensig's canon seems to be both upside down and moving backward, in retrograde ).
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