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  1. The encoded protein is a component of a large multimeric complex, termed the retromer complex, involved in retrograde transport of proteins from endosomes to the trans-Golgi network.
  2. :: : : Looking southward onto Uranus from the north side of the ecliptic, the planet would look more like it's rotating in retrograde motion than not.
  3. And can't we imagine that even the invention of the computer and the evolution of cyberspace owe a distant debt in some fashion to the influence of Mercury in retrograde?
  4. In rats, the dorsal root ganglia can be infected directly by " Listeria ", and the bacteria can move in retrograde as well as anterograde direction through the nerve cells.
  5. "' Paula Froelich "'is an American journalist and author of the book " Mercury in Retrograde ", which appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list.
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  7. And the galaxy must have been aligned properly Tuesday, when the Rams'planned move to St . Louis was announced, even though the team has been in retrograde for the last five seasons.
  8. In retrograde embolism, however, the emboli move in opposition to the blood flow direction; this is usually significant only in blood vessels with low pressure ( veins ) or with emboli of high weight.
  9. For example, the contents of bars 1 2 is presented in retrograde in bars 20 21, with the same rhythm, and similar symmetries and transformations inform the entire movement ( Nicholls 2002, 64 ).
  10. The bulk of the content is focused upon those ideas of the astrological ages that have consensus in the astrological community ( i . e . the ages proceed in retrograde fashion compared to the normal order of the zodiac ).
  11. Force levels are complicated in various ways, including levels with mutually repelling attractors, attractors bouncing randomly around an area full of motes, several " strata " of bodies in retrograde rotation about an attractor, and attractors orbiting other attractors.
  12. Scott Winkler, the vice president of the Gartner Group, a consulting firm, confessed, " Those of us in the boring side of information technology have yet to see any effect of Mercury in retrograde, but I'll keep my eyes open ."
  13. Most roughly orbit a galaxy in the same direction, but some could orbit in retrograde ( likely as a result of a previous close encounter with another star ) and a galactic collision would greatly raise the odds of a stellar encounter-- though the odds remain extremely low.
  14. The planets in direct motion at normal speed possess the " front-vedha " ( or opposite-vedha ) aspect, at accelerated motion the " left vedha " and in retrograde motion  the " backward vedha " ( relative to their normal direction of movement ).
  15. "Mercury in retrograde " is an example of the term used as a noun for retrograde " motion " . " Retrograde " is also sometimes used as an intransitive verb meaning to become, to appear, to behave & mdash; or appear to move & mdash; in a retrograde fashion.
  16. And, in St . Louis, Georgia is a warm, friendly, personable community leader rather than the eccentric woman of LA who would never sign checks or documents " when Mercury was in retrograde " or would do astrological charts on her quarterback or run down to the field to kiss her coach or the players.
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