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  1. The lesson in all this, notes Alix Madrigal, is, " Never have an election when Mercury is in retrograde ."
  2. "It raises a lot of questions as to how you explain there are so many in retrograde orbits, " he said.
  3. BiP is a translocation machinery and plays a role in retrograde transport across the ER membrane of aberrant proteins destined for degradation by the proteasome.
  4. Its cellist, Lee ( Ms . Fischer ), is a lesbian who spouts mystical mumbo jumbo about her chakras and Mercury being in retrograde.
  5. In geological terms, the process of mineral hydration is known as " retrograde alteration " and is a process occurring in retrograde metamorphism.
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  7. London based singer Eska features as backing vocalist for all tracks apart from " In Retrograde ", " London Girl " and " Spiral ".
  8. Moons in retrograde orbits cannot form in the same region of the solar nebula as the planets they orbit, so Triton must have been captured from elsewhere.
  9. The double-balloon enteroscope can also be passed in retrograde fashion, through the colon and into the ileum to visualize the end of the small bowel.
  10. This trio takes the five sections from " Sch鰊heit " in retrograde order, which yields a process of steadily increasing clarity and distinctness of subdivisions.
  11. Saturn in retrograde ? _ makes me resent the persistent emphasis on sexual dialectics, particularly when it is writ small and applied to my daughter and her peers.
  12. The initial dark material is thought to have been debris blasted by meteors off small outer moons in retrograde orbits and swept up by the leading hemisphere of Iapetus.
  13. These include dynactin p150Glued, a cytoplasmic dynein accessory protein involved in retrograde transport of organelles, and kinesin-like protein which is another transport-mediation protein.
  14. Have we ( humans ) placed any satellites that are in retrograde orbit around anything besides earth ? talk ) 19 : 04, 10 August 2010 ( UTC)
  15. The orbits of 2011 KT19, 2008 KV42, and four other objects appear to occupy a common plane, with three in prograde and three in retrograde orbits.
  16. Nevertheless, a satellite in retrograde orbit could pose a major hazard to other satellites, especially if it was placed in the Clarke belt, where geostationary satellites orbit.
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