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"in public" meaning  "in public" in Chinese  
  1. In Japan the use of lasers in public activities is banned.
  2. The answer is not to go out and whine in public,
  3. Kim rarely appears in public and his voice is seldom broadcast.
  4. No mention is made in public about the proceedings against him.
  5. Hers was the curse of growing up in public too early.
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  7. The queen has said nothing in public about losing the yacht.
  8. It really is a quality in short supply in public life.
  9. A compelling interest in public health requires disclosure of the documents,
  10. Her ultimate goal is a career in public policy or politics.
  11. Only a handful of the items have been seen in public.
  12. But they would generally be ashamed to say so in public.
  13. Panel members want to ask Rice the same questions in public.
  14. Cuts in public spending could hurt crumbling health and school systems.
  15. The Libertarian Party now has 174 members serving in public office.
  16. To me it was more about admitting my failures in public.
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