in public in a sentence

"in public" meaning  "in public" in Chinese  
  1. Giuliani and Nathan began appearing in public together in May 2000.
  2. Our new initiatives are creating a new day in public housing,
  3. Cora is neither ashamed nor embarrassed about shedding tears in public.
  4. It is high time bubble gum was banned in public places.
  5. My employees indicated that I reprimand them too much in public.
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  7. People asking for autographs and even chasing him in public places.
  8. Yet I have seen him in public wearing a wedding ring.
  9. It ranked 21st among investment banks nationwide in public stock offerings.
  10. Egypt later stopped pressing Israel in public and resumed cordial relations.
  11. Oben recently began work on a masters degree in public administration.
  12. Each attacked the other in public remarks and new television ads.
  13. Khun Sa has not been seen in public since his surrender.
  14. Arafat has not commented in public on his defeat in parliament.
  15. Does not discuss his family affairs in public or with acquaintances.
  16. Everybody pops off privately in language they would forswear in public.
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