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  1. The combined volume in London and Nasdaq trading Thursday slightly exceeded the number of shares in public hands.
  2. Nextel spokesman Joe Wilkinson said the IPO would have put about 14 percent of the company in public hands.
  3. Next week's sale will increase the amount of 3i shares in public hands to more than 65 percent.
  4. The move is aimed at increasing the number of shares the two companies have in public hands, UAP said.
  5. That volume vastly exceeds the 27 million shares of Zenith in public hands, and helps explain the price movements.
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  7. Panavision is growing, but because so few shares are in public hands, it, too, is ignored.
  8. Treasury has conducted 16 buyback operations this year, purchasing just over $ 25 billion in debt in public hands.
  9. Prince al-Waleed has a 24.6 percent stake, with the rest of the shares in public hands.
  10. AAPT chairman Lee Casey said the issue of 41 million shares would place 16 percent of the company in public hands.
  11. Virtually none of the shares are in public hands with Lai Sun having acquired 99.48 per cent of Furama.
  12. They must have 35 per cent of issued capital in public hands, against 25 per cent on the main board.
  13. The remaining 60 percent is in public hands following an initial public offering by the four main shareholders a year ago.
  14. This is why such services are normally in public hands ( the free market system doesn't apply here ).
  15. With mounting disagreement with plans the policy was dropped, and the three Scottish Water Authorities were kept in public hand.
  16. According to the senator, political bickering and delays could cost New York the opportunity to put the island in public hands.
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