in public hands in a sentence

"in public hands" in Chinese  
  1. The rest is in public hands.
  2. Thomson SA owns 58 percent of Thomson-CSF; the rest is in public hands.
  3. Thomson SA owns 58 percent of Thomson-SF; the rest is in public hands.
  4. Genzyme Corp . owns 48 percent of Genzyme Transgenics, with the remainder in public hands.
  5. The current Socialist-led government insists that Air France should be kept in public hands.
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  7. It should remain in public hands.
  8. The government has pledged to keep at least 70 percent of both utilities in public hands.
  9. Wednesday total volume of class A shares came to 52 percent of the shares in public hands.
  10. Thomson-CSF is 58 percent owned by Thomson SA, with the rest in public hands.
  11. The IPO, led by Goldman Sachs, placed 34 percent of Guitar Center in public hands.
  12. At least half a company's shares have to be in public hands with reasonable liquidity.
  13. The Ghanaian government owns 22.4 percent with the remaining 37.6 percent in public hands.
  14. Only a small portion, roughly 23 percent, of Cathay's stock is in public hands.
  15. Trading remains suspended in the 17 finance firms on the new merger list that are in public hands.
  16. Independent industry analysts have said Hancock could be worth up to $ 14 billion once in public hands.
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