in public hands in a sentence

"in public hands" in Chinese  
  1. The rest of Thomson-CSF is in public hands.
  2. Some 70 percent of Credit National is in public hands.
  3. We plan privatizations which leave the control of companies in public hands.
  4. Overall management of the system would remain in public hands.
  5. This is the finest work in public hands that was for sale,
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  7. About 44 percent of that is in public hands.
  8. Now finally, all six of the Great Chairs are in public hands.
  9. That would at least keep it in the city and in public hands.
  10. Train operations and fare collection remains in public hands.
  11. LG owns about 58 percent of Zenith, with the rest in public hands.
  12. There are 180 million shares in public hands.
  13. These triangles are often still in public hands.
  14. In April 2014 the provincial government concluded the company would remain in public hands.
  15. Opportunities to expand are cramped because so much of the industry is in public hands.
  16. In Scotland local governments dominated by the Labour party kept water systems in public hands.
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