in prose in a sentence

"in prose" in Chinese  
  1. It should be rewitten in prose and the template removed.
  2. These contain stories in prose from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.
  3. In Brooke Boothby in verse and Thomas Bewick in prose.
  4. He also contributed significantly to Odia literature by his works in prose.
  5. Not all people we mention in prose on Wikipedia have a biography.
  6. It's difficult to find in prose in a sentence.
  7. Split it out to its own article and summarize it in prose.
  8. It should be written in prose rather than as a bullet list.
  9. Kempton was mandarin, in prose and in manner.
  10. Phrasing in music is somewhat analogous to sentence structure and punctuation in prose.
  11. This is Mosely's finest achievement in prose.
  12. The Herald memorialized the event in prose as lush as a last sunset.
  13. The issue can be likened to rhetoric in prose.
  14. He didn't have the repertory he had in prose ."
  15. They can also be used to express subtle nuances, even in prose.
  16. They are most frequent in verse works but can also appear in prose.
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