in prose in a sentence

"in prose" in Chinese  
  1. It is written partly in prose and partly in verse.
  2. In prose, Ferr醤 published German translations and several legends.
  3. They are presented in prose as three separate short stories.
  4. Give some arguments why these short list are better off in prose.
  5. The " polices " section should be done in prose.
  6. It's difficult to find in prose in a sentence.
  7. Kathy Lou Schultz : Biting Midge ( Works in Prose ) 114.
  8. The versatile writer Enrique G髆ez Carrillo represented modernism in prose.
  9. Without these images the visual aspects cannot adequately described in prose alone.
  10. Although she dabbled in prose, her passion was poetry.
  11. Currently, he is working on his autobiography in prose.
  12. This template should not ordinarily be used in prose text.
  13. It has an engaging lead and is written in prose.
  14. Nikita Larionovich worked equally well in prose and in poetry.
  15. It saves me time thinking how I will write something in prose.
  16. I meant I would never allow adjacent sets of parentheses in prose.
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