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  1. This graph illustrates the relative abundance of the chemical elements in urban soils, irregularly decreasing in proportion with the increasing atomic masses.
  2. The electrical signals derived in proportion with the physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, sound etc . are generally continuous signals.
  3. The church has a unique, large, octagonal shaped steeple that is not in proportion with the rest of the small building.
  4. Thorny plants occur and tend to increase in proportion with heavy grazing, etc ., to which most of the area is subjected.
  5. They also insist on being included in state institutions in proportion with their numbers, and demand the release of all ethnic Albanian political prisoners.
  6. It's difficult to find in proportion with in a sentence.
  7. In these cases, the number of drum majors is often based on tradition, rather than being in proportion with the number of musicians.
  8. Bush thinks it is fair to return money to taxpayers largely in proportion with how they paid it, so the wealthy naturally will benefit more.
  9. The issue of balance is often mentioned in connection with smart toys namely, that their use should be kept in proportion with other play activities.
  10. The graduation rate of African-American students, however, is lower _ 12.5 percent, in proportion with their percentage of the population.
  11. Would you measure that energy in proportion with the energy stored in the fat created ? talk ) 01 : 56, 26 July 2016 ( UTC)
  12. The results of our informal survey : more, more, more, and not necessarily in proportion with the joy or pain distributed to stockholders last year.
  13. It's gone that way practically every year the governor has been in office, his tax-cut proposals growing in proportion with the charges against him.
  14. If the party vote for the Mori Party had been more in proportion with the constituency seats won, there would have been a normal 120-member house.
  15. The print turns out to be an ear, Lindsay and Stella believe that it belongs to the killer as it does not fit in proportion with the victim.
  16. The executive is jointly headed by the first and deputy-first minister, with the ministries being allocated in proportion with each party's representation in the assembly.
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