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  1. In Anglicanism, he said, " being in communion with one another presupposes a certain respectfulness ."
  2. "It's one place we can go to be in communion with our natural life forces ."
  3. But I think it would be very difficult to remain in communion with the Episcopal Church.
  4. Formal relations between the two churches were halted, although they remained in communion with each other.
  5. It is to show the political class that it is not in communion with the people.
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  7. The Free Church is in communion with the Reformed Episcopal Church in the United States and Canada.
  8. But those Popes were still in communion with the church; how could they have been Pope otherwise?
  9. Today the church sees itself as an authentic Orthodox church in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.
  10. The church is represented by the Assyrian Church of the East and is in communion with it.
  11. Thonmi takes it to Abbot Songsten, who is in communion with the master of the monastery, Padmasambhava.
  12. After the Concordat of 1801 he retracted his errors, and died in communion with Rome in 1825.
  13. It is not in communion with The Episcopal Church ( US ) or the Church of England.
  14. These parishes were already in communion with Rome and use modified Anglican liturgies approved by the Holy See.
  15. The communities need to come together and help create a system that is in communion with their needs.
  16. The churches of the Union of Utrecht have been in communion with the Church of England since 1931.
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