in common in a sentence

"in common" meaning  "in common" in Chinese  
  1. I realized afterwards that of course there were things in common.
  2. Four high school girls have nothing in common except biology class.
  3. Do children who bully other children have a background in common?
  4. The two plays have nothing in common except an autumnal garden.
  5. Kansas and Illinois have at least a few things in common.
  6. It's difficult to find in common in a sentence.
  7. The best and worst films often have one thing in common.
  8. We have a lot in common with a variety of people.
  9. Richardson and Clinton have more than a few traits in common.
  10. He said Pacoima residents have more in common than separating them.
  11. The surviving forecasting services have one thing in common : flexibility.
  12. Maybe she and Wynette had more in common than they thought.
  13. The only thing they have in common are creators named Aaron.
  14. He says baseball and New Jersey politics have much in common.
  15. What they have in common is a lot of government contracts.
  16. And they have more in common than their positions and styles.
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