in commerce in a sentence

"in commerce" in Chinese  
  1. She fought for women's right to work in commerce.
  2. We, for example, did in fact kill programs in Commerce.
  3. He went to his favorite bar in Commerce, Okla.
  4. Wilson grew up in Commerce, an hour from Dallas.
  5. Many centuries ago, the Chettiars already had a reputation in commerce.
  6. It's difficult to find in commerce in a sentence.
  7. He talks with great passion about his future in commerce.
  8. But in commerce, not all motives are entirely noble.
  9. Congress has pretty well determined that churches do not engage in commerce,
  10. The official language is English is used widely in commerce and government.
  11. About seventy percent of the population is employed in commerce and services.
  12. These materials are more commonly encountered in commerce than in the laboratory.
  13. Fifty one percent work in commerce, tourism and services.
  14. The city has three government colleges in Commerce, Science and Arts.
  15. The town is very active in commerce and in tourism.
  16. The Jews of Pittsburgh are prominent in the professions and in commerce.
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