in broad in a sentence

"in broad" in Chinese  
  1. We have people being shot in broad daylight at bus stops.
  2. The gates of the towns stayed shut in broad daylight ."
  3. The evolutionary biologists are unlikely to be wrong in broad principle.
  4. We used to be able to do this in broad daylight.
  5. The earliest library classification schemes organized books in broad subject categories.
  6. It's difficult to find in broad in a sentence.
  7. Confrontations between these two groups paralyzed entire cities in broad daylight.
  8. Demi Moore takes her role too seriously in broad, ramshakle comedy.
  9. I think the notion that things are happening in broad daylight is shocking.
  10. But musical theater often works best when painted in broad strokes.
  11. These dramatic changes continue to reverberate in broad and unpredictable ways.
  12. His book In Broad Daylight was made into a television movie.
  13. There was certainly nothing scary about the place in broad daylight.
  14. Five people sit in its high, spacious interior in broad comfort.
  15. My dad drove down a deserted highway in broad daylight.
  16. He kissed and blessed a rummy in broad daylight ."
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