in bridge in a sentence

"in bridge" in Chinese  
  1. Intervention strategies have to be effective in bridging the gap between attitudes and behaviors.
  2. In bridge, he was a World Bridge Federation Grand Master.
  3. Blair Atholl Primary School is located on St Adamnan Road in Bridge of Tilt.
  4. The Carmelite Monastery was established in Bridge Lane in 1908.
  5. She lived in Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a Boston shelter, before moving to Somerville.
  6. It's difficult to find in bridge in a sentence.
  7. Greenland Fishery House in Bridge Street was built in 1605.
  8. Three years ago Calvin Klein declared that " the future is in bridge ."
  9. English Canada has shown little interest in bridging the gap.
  10. Her talent in bridge made his lack, thereof, more noticeable.
  11. Fortunately no casualties were reported although two families in Bridge street were made homeless.
  12. The suit order and no trumps have the same status order as in Bridge.
  13. In bridge, you behave in a way that get the best from your partner.
  14. Diplomats said Monday that the Geneva talks made no headway in bridging the divide.
  15. What we expect is that this fund will help us partially in bridging the gap.
  16. The handles are in bridge longitudinal direction only broad.
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