in bridge in a sentence

"in bridge" in Chinese  
  1. This will constitute a new chapter in bridging Asia and Africa.
  2. Ross promised U . S . help in bridging the gaps.
  3. Rents for the 121 market-rate apartments in Bridge Tower have not been established.
  4. Both sexes embrace young, whereas only females engage in bridge formation.
  5. In doing so, we are helping in bridging the digital divide,
  6. It's difficult to find in bridge in a sentence.
  7. In bridge, each hand is about seven and a half minutes.
  8. It also specializes in bridges, water treatment plants and telecommunications towers.
  9. This stuff has been used in bridges and for buildings in earthquake zones.
  10. The image shows two identical amplifiers A1 and A2 connected in bridge mode.
  11. In Bridge of Flowers are popular tourist attractions around the river.
  12. In April 1844, Robinson was appointed headmaster of a school in Bridge Street.
  13. He later owned the Cabin Caf? in Bridge Street, Andover.
  14. A chapel in Bridge Hewick was in 1826 described as " in ruins ".
  15. This will be useful in bridging the gap between them.
  16. A volunteer organization could play a big role in bridging those gaps as well.
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