in boxes in a sentence

"in boxes" in Chinese  
  1. Checking e-mail In boxes is considered the most flagrant privacy violation.
  2. Her kitsch of choice is plastic dolls that come in boxes.
  3. The pileated woodpecker also nests in boxes about off the ground.
  4. Nobody flooded his In box with requests for help on building Web sites.
  5. Sorry, Rosie, Mexican food only comes in boxes and cans.
  6. It's difficult to find in boxes in a sentence.
  7. Then I put these in boxes and gift-wrapped the boxes.
  8. Studios counter that the practice often results in box-office success.
  9. Everything was either in a mess or still in boxes.
  10. The bundles were wrapped in plastic and stashed in boxes.
  11. They come in boxes, like caskets with presidents in them.
  12. On it is scrawled " Put payment in box ."
  13. In box-office terms, 1997 was a banner year for museums.
  14. Are they sitting in boxes, just waiting to be counted?
  15. Extended time in boxes could imperil the plants, Fazio said.
  16. The product comes in boxes of c, which costs b.
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