in both hands in a sentence

"in both hands" in Chinese  
  1. I have gray hair, many wrinkles and arthritis in both hands.
  2. "I took my courage in both hands, and decided to go, " she wrote.
  3. But with knockout power in both hands, Hamed has backed up all his talk.
  4. Nye says, holding a radio transmitter in both hands like a video game controller.
  5. Grasp the rose in both hands and flip it over.
  6. It's difficult to find in both hands in a sentence.
  7. Other statues carry in both hands a statue of God.
  8. Most sources cite a lever of thirty-one pounds per hand in both hands simultaneously.
  9. There on the bench was French striker Christophe Dugarry with crutches in both hands.
  10. He is holding his racquet up to the right in both hands, looking left.
  11. I was sick-looking and had a cigarette in both hands.
  12. His stepfather had a heart problem and his mother had severe arthritis in both hands.
  13. Farzat was hospitalised with fractures in both hands and blunt force trauma to the head.
  14. Grip the file in both hands and hold it at right angles to the workpiece.
  15. Fai, who is crippled in both hands, intends to take Ming's identity and his arms.
  16. He even got wounded in both hands by bullets.
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