in a word in a sentence

  1. In a word, " Swimming With Sharks " sinks.
  2. A college football playoff is, in a word, inevitable.
  3. Here, in a word, is the answer : Money.
  4. Form and expressive content, in a word, are one.
  5. To watch them was, in a word, a blast.
  6. It's difficult to find in a word in a sentence.
  7. He even put in a word for Mo's fielding.
  8. In a word, Dogs are social, cats are solitary.
  9. In a word, he says, the answer is thiols.
  10. He put in a word for Drexel's Bill Herrion.
  11. :Doing this in a word processor isn't difficult.
  12. The core, in a word, would be soft.
  13. The festival, in a word, was about cash.
  14. In a word, he replied : " Experience"
  15. A : In a word, " fuggetaboutit ".
  16. And the variety, in a word, is considerable.
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