in a word in a sentence

  1. In a word, that means nowadays to be on television.
  2. But its attitude toward sex is, in a word, dainty.
  3. In a word, the Lord wants you to be holy.
  4. In a word, soon _ maybe even sooner than expected.
  5. In a word, the LS 430 is a bit bland.
  6. It's difficult to find in a word in a sentence.
  7. In a word, the answer seems to be : yes.
  8. In a word, say Indonesians, the answer may be Java.
  9. In a word, it became a much better poem ."
  10. In a word, our campaign will be about freedom.
  11. Well, hmm . . . in a word, yes.
  12. Charles, please lead us in a word of prayer.
  13. Many of these artifacts are, in a word, beautiful.
  14. The problem in a word, says Clough, is earnings.
  15. In a word, this whole thing has been unbelievable,
  16. That future needs to be, in a word, short.
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