in a tree in a sentence

"in a tree" in Chinese  
  1. Perched in a tree, they began to argue and then fought.
  2. At sunset it would go outside and roost in a tree.
  3. Fishing for bass in a tree near a barn and corral?
  4. But in 1999, rabbit hunters cornered a cougar in a tree.
  5. I lost my ball in a tree on the fifth hole,
  6. It's difficult to find in a tree in a sentence.
  7. One scene features D'Argo and Aeryn hiding in a tree.
  8. We spotted a moose by the stream and a bear cub in a tree.
  9. Abby follows him and finds a door in a tree.
  10. It nests in a hole in a tree-a tree cavity.
  11. He quickly went into hiding high up in a tree.
  12. It usually sings from a high perch in a tree.
  13. Tree description lists the node types allowed in a tree.
  14. Defining characteristics : Nests in a pouch of green grass hung in a tree.
  15. Isidoro, sitting in a tree, is writing about his exploits.
  16. A blue mattress hung about 20 feet up in a tree behind her house.
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