in a trap in a sentence

"in a trap" in Chinese  
  1. When written for ion motion in a trap, the equation is
  2. Wotan here is in a trap, and he knows it from the beginning.
  3. Deianeira and Hercules get caught in a trap and taken to the king.
  4. President Kim Young Sam of South Korea is in a trap.
  5. The Socialists are also caught in a trap partly of their own making.
  6. It's difficult to find in a trap in a sentence.
  7. It is about a rat in a trap and the dangers of temptation.
  8. The army of Andarzaghar was caught in a trap and could not escape.
  9. Gillespie was caught in a trap, badly outnumbered by the besiegers.
  10. It has no tail; we think it might have been caught in a trap.
  11. His leg was apparently caught in a trap and he chewed his leg free,
  12. Here, a single Beryllium ion in a trap was used.
  13. They're like trying to have an animal in a trap.
  14. Later, Charming tracks Snow and nets her in a trap.
  15. Caught in a trap waiting for guys to come along and finish it up.
  16. Health officials consider 25 mosquitoes in a trap a problem.
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