in a stream meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in a stream" in a sentence
  • 处于-状态
  • stream:    n. 1.河流,小河;川,溪。 2. ...
  • a stream of:    一连串,一系列; 一连串的..
  • be on stream:    投入生产
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  1. This example shows how to request a web page and retrieve the results in a stream
  2. My brother drowned in a stream when he was five , but that ' s another story
  3. May all kinds of nutritious fruits and vegetable flow into the hands of the consumers in a stream
  4. It s always flowing in a stream , never the same , which in the stream of life we trace
  5. With the motor running add the melted butter in a stream and season with salt and pepper

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