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  1. In a June 2014 interview in the Finnish newspaper " Hufvudstadsbladet ", Vladimir Putin's personal envoy Sergey Alexandrovich Markov accused Finland of extreme " Russophobia " and suggested that Finland joining NATO could start World War III . In July 2016, Putin stated on a visit to Finland, that Russia would increase the amount of troops on the Finnish border if Finland were to join NATO . He also warned that NATO would " fight to the last Finn against Russia ".
  2. Released in Finland and Sweden, " Angels " got warm reviews in various publications . " G鰐eborgs-Posten " wrote that Brava is " a good soloist ", who " approaches her music with devotion ", and the critic was especially " fascinated by the strong, melancholic Finnish Christmas song'Sylvian joululaulu'('Sylvia's Christmas Song') " . " Hallands Nyheter " positively declared that " musically, the outcome sounds more like a concert recording ", and " V鋝terbottens-Kuriren " described the album as " beautiful, caressing and enjoyable, soothing and pleasant ", while " Hufvudstadsbladet " stated that Brava is " a divinely gifted violinist " and " the performances are high-class ".
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