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  1. That is where Burbage honed his reputation as a persuasive negotiator.
  2. The menu this year has been honed down to our favorites.
  3. I'm more comfortable sitting alone honing something ."
  4. They were finished and honed, then individually numbered and packed.
  5. Brody has honed his talent by watching others from the sideline.
  6. It's difficult to find hone in a sentence.
  7. It is aerodynamically honed, and it balances elegance and power.
  8. Stanford credits Fox with helping her hone her course management skills.
  9. The horses perform centuries-old maneuvers first honed on battlefields.
  10. hardcover and softcover . ) A boy wizard hones his skills and
  11. Their focus has sharpened and their political skills have been honed.
  12. This was where she honed her management skills and leadership qualities.
  13. Nonetheless, Holbrooke is a fighter with sharply honed diplomatic skills.
  14. Bush's lawyers honed their arguments for the high court.
  15. Bussard was glad to oblige; he was honing his instincts.
  16. Instincts honed from Day 1 of basic training came rushing back.
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