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  1. The woods hone our survival instincts, sharpening our entire being.
  2. But we got two more days to get everything honed up.
  3. When not scrimmaging, we'd be honing our skills.
  4. Liman honed his soccer skills in Germany starting at age 10.
  5. Many participants say that Gluckstern's teachings honed their palettes.
  6. It's difficult to find hone in a sentence.
  7. Colin Montgomerie has grown up and honed his game in Scotland.
  8. She needed some training to hone her skills, she said.
  9. He took the potential I had, and he honed it.
  10. He honed his competitive edge while his teammates slipped into complacency.
  11. Rodgers honed his skills on the recreational courts of North Philadelphia.
  12. She hones in on a tobacco tycoon ( Gene Hackman ).
  13. I honed my outdoor eating skills as a child in Sacramento.
  14. How do you defend yourself against such honed-in hatred?
  15. VW also honed the aerodynamics of the round-face vehicle.
  16. We are honing our marksmanship skills and learning to identify targets.
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