hone meaning

Pronunciation:   "hone" in a sentence
  • Noun: hone  hown
    1. A whetstone made of fine gritstone; used for sharpening razors
    Verb: hone  hown
    1. Sharpen with a hone
      "hone a knife" 
    2. Make perfect or complete
      - perfect

    Derived forms: honed, hones, honing

    Type of: ameliorate, amend, better, improve, meliorate, sharpen, whetstone

    Encyclopedia: Hone, AO Hone Hone, Italy Hone, Aosta

  • [Architecture]

    Same as oilstone.

  • [Business]
    AmE / verb [+ obj]

    to develop and improve sth, especially a skill, over a period of time:

    She's a finance expert who has honed her skills working for top accounting firms.


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  1. really honed my eavesdropping skills that year
  2. this is where we're really gonna hone our skills
  3. the design and study on ultrasonic reaming and honing device
  4. by honing those skills which make me useful
  5. all the family were at hone when he went by yesterday

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