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  • 绷绳稳定的轻便井架
  • 拉线式电杆
  • 稳绳井架
  • guy:    n. 盖伊〔男子名〕。
  • mast:    n. ?、栗等的果实〔可作猪饲料〕。 ...
  • guyed antenna mast:    拉线式天线杆


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  1. Guyed mast present high deformation under horizontal forces , so geometrical non - linearity must be considered in the static and dynamic analysis of guyed mast
  2. Wind load is one of the dominating loads which must be considered in the design of structures such as high - rise buildings , large - span spatial structures , towers and guyed masts
  3. In this thesis , the problem is taken as engineering background to study the application of semi - active control for wind vibration responses of guyed mast by mr damper
  4. According to the possible problems in the wind - resistance design of guyed mast and the characteristic of the structure form , the concept of the mr damper - spring system is presented in this paper
  5. System imitation analysis in the time domain indicates that the amplitude and peak of displacement at the joint between cable and mast are both reduced , and the fatigue life of guyed mast is increased . adjusting the location of mr damper can efficiently reduce the displacement on the top of guyed mast induced by wind

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