grout in meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "grout in" in a sentence
  • 水泥浆灌入
  • grout:    vt.,vi. (猪)用鼻子拱(泥土 ...
  • grout:    n. 1.【建筑】薄胶泥,薄浆,石灰 ...
  • t grout:    群体
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  1. Application of fire bulkhead and grouting in mined area
  2. Treatment for grouting in the water gushing zone of inclined shaft
  3. Research on fracturing grouting in soft flowing mucky clay
  4. Determination of some parameters of drilling and grouting in roadway
  5. The application of immersed - tube ramming grouting in chaoyangzhou of nanchang

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