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  • 食品商店
  • grocery:    n. 1.〔美常用 pl.〕食品,杂 ...
  • store:    n. 1.〔 sing., pl. ...
  • stores:    备用品; 存储物品; 堆积物; 军用 ...
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  1. One night bufflehead, while on duty, accidentally interrupted a hold up of a grocery store .
  2. In food retailing, chain grocery stores have become dominant, drive out many small businesses .
  3. The room was on the third floor, the front windows looking down into the street, where, at night, the lights of grocery stores were shining and children were playing .
  4. Others including housewives and grocery store owners
  5. What ? - you hit on terry in a grocery store
    -什么? -你在杂货店遇到特丽了?

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