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  1. Speaking in defence of the columbarium, the Rector, the Rev . NR Tomlinson, described it as " " the modern version of the old church grave yard " ".
  2. DeWitt has published artists books with multiple publishers including New Rose in Town ( 2013 ) from Hess Press, and Grave Yard came out in late 2014 on And Press.
  3. Boats with internal combustion engines are prohibited in the interior lagoons, except for Grave Yard Pond, where a concession rents motor and pontoon boats, canoes, and kayaks for recreational use.
  4. There are four different sections in the grave yard labelled Potter's field, where the graves of unknown people or settlers that came from Ingelside were buried without a stone or marker.
  5. "We have killed Mr Danny Now bush can find his body in the grave yards of Karachi we have thrown him there, " the e-mail said, with missing punctuation and other oddities.
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