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  1. The Israeli military said its soldiers did not enter the cemetery but shot back when Palestinian fighters in the grave yard opened fire.
  2. Originally named Trinity Church Upper Grave Yard, the cemetery was established by Holy Trinity Catholic Church in 1832, and enlarged between 1850 and 1870.
  3. It stands on the ruins of an old abbey and in the centre of a Danish fort which is used as a grave yard.
  4. Police killed Mohamed Othman as he tried to escape from his hideout in the Manfalout grave yard, the sources who insisted on anonymity said.
  5. The school is also known for the Jim Hill G . Y . T ( Grave Yard Thunder ), which is the school's drumline.
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  7. Today, Milton's actual grave site is lost to us, due to the US Military placing a building over the site of Fort William's grave yard.
  8. Eventually there was no room in their grave yard, so during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, many were buried in the cemeteries surrounding St Pancras.
  9. Within the upper part there is St . Marys Church which is still in regular use, surrounding this is a small area of grave yards.
  10. At the middle south part of the area, there exists a defunct grave yard known as Iraqi graveyard, which is now used as play ground.
  11. Saeed was buried in the central grave yard of Zeenat Bakhsh Juma Masjid after Asr prayer on 28 May 2007 in Bunder area of Mangalore city.
  12. Another stage they were at a grave yard and zombie Charity tried to make love and kill Miguel but Kay used holy water and stopped her.
  13. "We have killed Mr Danny Now bush can find his body in the grave yards of Karachi we have thrown him there, " the e-mail said.
  14. The original Teralba grave yard ( now in Booragul ) is located on Billy Goat hill on the southern ( bush side ) of the railway station.
  15. A memorial to Mackintosh exists on the grave of his mother Annie in the grave yard of St . Johns church in Burgess Hill in West Sussex.
  16. Inscriptions both in the Stavropoleos Monastery library and the grave yards of the Comneti palace cemetery give acquaintance about the existence of bearers of this surname in those regions.
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