grave yard in a sentence

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  1. The circular nature of the grave yard suggests that the church overlies an earlier, Dark Age site.
  2. WE have killed Mr Danny Now Mr bush can find his body in the grave yards of Karachi.
  3. Our Sleigh rides from the upper end of the Grave yard down the hill there towards the Hall.
  4. He stood for a while and watched a stray cat walk on the edge of the grave yard.
  5. By 1919 Kwekwe was still known as Kwekwe Village and its grave yard was known as Kwekwe Village Cemetery.
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  7. The grave yard is currently a car park for Lidl the great church is now a museum Bagenal Castle.
  8. There is a time skip, Soha is in the grave yard with a little boy throwing petals on Kesar's grave.
  9. Originally the place was known as Bazar-e-Noorulumara, because of the bazaar ( market ) and the Noorulumara grave yard nearby.
  10. They are interrupted by church bells as a funeral parade walks by their house on the way to the grave yard.
  11. Scott pursued Spencer and shot him near the church, the site of the present grave yard, whereafter Spencer was secretly buried.
  12. alt = A simple white cross engraved with a memorial message to Thomas stands in a grave yard surrounded by hills
  13. He is buried underneath a large very grey monument on the western side of the grave yard at Frant in Sussex, England.
  14. An e-mail sent to news organizations Friday claimed that Pearl had been killed and his body dumped in a Karachi grave yard.
  15. In the south part of the grave yard is a mourge built in the 1940s and a storage house built in 1995.
  16. Also a grave yard, churches and some handy shops with take away food shops ( Indian, Chinese etc ) on Port Tennant Road.
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