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  1. The gnomon may be fixed or moved according to the season.
  2. The gnomons were black braided silk, linen or hemp string.
  3. The square of size 8 composed of gnomons looks like this:
  4. The ball is the nodus, the post is the gnomon.
  5. On the top is a round brass plate with a gnomon.
  6. It's difficult to find gnomon in a sentence.
  7. His knowledge of geometry allowed him to introduce the gnomon in Greece.
  8. The style is the part of the gnomon that casts the shadow.
  9. A sundial plate with a broken gnomon is attached to its top.
  10. On the top of this is an octagonal plate and a gnomon.
  11. Projection of the shadow of the gnomon at the equinox.
  12. The Gnomon conflict is overshadowed by the beginnings of World War II.
  13. Both appear to be sundials with gnomon curves etched on a flat surface.
  14. The gnomon was a string between the two faces.
  15. The Gnomon of the Idios Logos shows the connection between law and status.
  16. In his measurements over many years he used a 50 m high gnomon.
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