forging in a sentence

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  1. Friendships forged with sweat and sore muscles will last a lifetime.
  2. She forges passes for two slaves, helping them to escape.
  3. I even thought about forging documents just to tease the Soviets.
  4. Then another close encounter with Perot in Valley Forge, Pa.
  5. But at Spelman she forged strong links with corporations and foundations.
  6. It's difficult to find forging in a sentence.
  7. Anger forged a determination in Jeffries to make black cowboy movies.
  8. Their common struggles with survival have helped forge a lasting relationship.
  9. Hamanaka was arrested on Oct . 22 for allegedly forging documents.
  10. The plant houses heavy presses used to forge jet engine parts.
  11. Not even an almighty bowl alliance can forge an appealing reunion.
  12. "He's forging ahead very drastically,"
  13. Hotel companies, too, are forging partnerships with cultural institutions.
  14. Now it includes more easily forged items such as autographed equipment.
  15. Storms will forge into central Texas Friday afternoon and Friday night.
  16. Bravely, the Gainey family has forged a new life here.
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