forging in a sentence

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  1. Congress is trying to forge a bill before its August recess.
  2. But the easy availability of forged documents makes the system unworkable.
  3. Other friendships forged in grade school also would serve him later.
  4. Critics contend illegal aliens slip through by submitting forged identity documents.
  5. Forging ahead with their " Contract With America,"
  6. It's difficult to find forging in a sentence.
  7. Bingaman was instrumental in forging the consent decree which Sporkin rejected.
  8. But Colangelo forged ahead, gambling more than $ 3 million.
  9. He forged a muscular, plain prose of great emotional range.
  10. Members of support groups traditionally forge relationships over coffee and conversation.
  11. Exactly where in the brain is this linkage between stimuli forged?
  12. It would be a moment we forged together over a lifetime.
  13. Forging a signature takes longer than 89 seconds, on average.
  14. He pleaded guilty to forging documents to cover up the losses.
  15. DOUGLAS : And how do you forge that kind of partnership?
  16. With interest rates low and home prices good we forged ahead.
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