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  1. Soldiers struggled to get tents to stand up to stiff winds, while a blacksmith forged iron pegs to replace weaker wooden ones.
  2. Soldiers struggled Thursday to get tents to stand up to stiff winds, while a blacksmith forged iron pegs to replace weaker wooden ones.
  3. The tuckpointing tools themselves were originally made from forged iron by blacksmiths dating back to their origins in England during the 18th century.
  4. Forged iron cannons were far cheaper, up to ten times so, than bronze cannons, but more unstable due to their piece built nature.
  5. Tiger Woods switched to the Nike Golf forged irons, giving him a new set of tools with the Ryder Cup only a week away.
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  7. Even more distinctive are works in which forged iron bars are sharpened, twisted and bent into abstract shapes that evoke artisans'tools or Chinese characters.
  8. Brittain's song Forge Mountain Women pays homage to the Sitton and Gillespie women who worked behind the scenes while the men forged iron and rifles:
  9. For a better boiler, he tried a coil of forged iron pipe, which proved to be both much more efficient and much smaller and lighter.
  10. A remnant of the Roman period is the 2nd-century AD column, called the Humilladero Cross, after for the forged iron cross attached to its top.
  11. The present divided  Dutch door of the 1930s restoration features the original forged iron hardware and massive lock and key hardware from the first construction.
  12. Eight forged iron bars set in a radiating horizontal position formed the ankles and turned up to follow the lines of the legs while becoming progressively smaller.
  13. Historic saddles of the 19th century had rigging rings made of forged iron round stock, which would rust if it was exposed to the horse s sweat.
  14. The apparatus is composed of a generator and a receptacle; the generator is a cylindrical lead boiler, covered with red copper and reinforced with pieces of forged iron.
  15. For the role Downey had to gain more than 20 pounds of muscle in five months to look like he " had the power to forge iron ."
  16. During the sixties, a particular period started for the artist strongly inspired by the neo-Cubism of Picasso, where Masciarelli creates sculptures depicting female figures, obtained entirely from forged iron.
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