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  1. Forged iron balls were used in smaller-calibre cannon, and coated with lead to make them smooth.
  2. Numerous architectural and decorative elements such as fountains, statues, urns and hand-forged iron gates provide additional ornamentation.
  3. As with woods, " irons " get their name because they were originally made from forged iron.
  4. Tiger Woods, the odds-on favorite to win the title, is playing with a set Mizuno forged irons.
  5. The putter was originally a forged iron piece very similar in shape to the irons of the day.
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  7. Mizuno, the leading iron company among PGA Tour players, also introduced the Comp EZ, an oversized forged iron.
  8. The building's ceiling was removed to expose old beams and forged iron fittings, and a cathedral ceiling was created.
  9. A desk and dining table, named Louis XV, has hand-forged iron legs and a top of woven Italian straw.
  10. The latest metal poles are rough-hewn but skinny, and forged iron has replaced brass as the material of choice.
  11. Forged iron hinges on the wooden door to the brewery are in the shape of a flowering hop plant.
  12. Yosef was also influenced by his father, a skilled blacksmith, who was adept at making small works in forged iron.
  13. If a goldsmith worked precious stones; a shoesmith made horseshoes; and blacksmith forged iron, what service did a sexsmith provide?
  14. It is particularly rich in rustic clocks of Switzerland, mostly with wooden movements, and forged iron clocks of the Gothic period.
  15. In the inner part it is decorated with wood pillars and forged iron lights, in addition to a gold, wood made altar.
  16. Tiger Woods has made another switch to the swoosh, changing to the Nike Golf forged irons one week before the Ryder Cup.
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