forging bonds in a sentence

  1. House leaders had hoped former Speaker-designate Robert L . Livingston might forge bonds with the Democrats, using his friendships across the aisle to temper the party bitterness that has ebbed and flowed since Newt Gingrich took the job in 1995.
  2. These ideas, in turn, were often predicated upon Stoic notions of cosmopolitanism, expressed by the key term oikei魋is, in order to stress the " moral " imperative for like-minded humans to forge bonds dedicated to the common good.
  3. DVD extras consist of Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Episode Commentaries ( for episodes 2x09 " Point Blank ", 2x12 " Forging Bonds " and 2x16 " Under The Radar " ) and Exclusive Featurettes : " " White Collar"
  4. Shackleton placed the safety and comfort of his crew above his own, sacrificing meals and sleep to aid the most weary among the group, and forged bonds between the divisive men that helped them survive more than a year trapped on deadly ice floes.
  5. But soon after each one learns that she is not the only one being fondled by the teacher, a mysterious stranger named Legs ( Ms . Jolie ) drifts into town and starts forging bonds between the girls by showing them how to take responsibility for their lives.
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  7. The FBI tracked Kate down and, realizing that Neal had no idea where Kate was, they set a trap for Neal by leaking her whereabouts and waiting for him to go to her . ( " Forging Bonds " | Season 2 : episode 11)
  8. To write her book about the Chinese occupation of Tibet ( " Tears of Blood " ( 1992 ) ), she visited several times Dharamsala, home of the 14th Dalai Lama and of the Central Tibetan Administration, where she forges bonds of lasting friendships.
  9. Professor Akihito, Minamo s father, research into the city s mysteries in an attempt to understand what caused these powers to develop, begins a chain of events and it is the player s goal to help Makoto uncover these mysteries while forging bonds with one of the five girls.
  10. Since no heir had yet been produced by either monarch, the implications of the union were unforeseeable, but it forged bonds between the Polish and Lithuanian nobility and a permanent defensive alliance between the two states, strengthening Lithuania's hand for a new war against the Teutonic Order in which Poland officially took no part.
  11. For his part, Bush maintains close personal and political ties with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, his main ally in Iraq; has kept a solid relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin despite some bumps; and has forged bonds with Eastern European leaders seeking to join NATO and Asian leaders enlisted in the anti-terrorism war.
  12. The strength of the newly forged bonds between Nate and his  parents was shown when, soon after, as the X-Men had been disbanded, Nate ( alongside Archangel, Wolverine and Cable ) was one of the few people Jean and Scott called for help, as they needed to defend the new race  the Mannites from the mysterious  Death.
  13. Menino said the city has helped forge bonds among an array of communities as he has gone to business and labor and non-profits in hopes of showing the city's diversity, and to ask for help in raising money for the convention _ including $ 32.8 million in public and private funding ( $ 8 million from the city ), $ 8 million in state funding, and another $ 16 million in corporate spending with in-kind contributions.
  14. CORRECT ! V reported on " The System of Putin " ( Dirty Money and State Collapse ), " TTIP-The Deal " ( Investigative, Analytic, Interactive : All about the Free Trade ), " Flight MH17 " ( Searching for the truth ), " The Invisibles " ( Hundreds of thousands live in Germany without papers ), " Weisse W鰈fe " ( A graphic investigation into the Nazi underground ), " Court Donations " ( How Judges And Prosecutors Hand Out Millions Every Year With Almost No Oversight ), " Mafia in Africa " ( How the mafia infiltrates the African economy ), " Mafia " ( Stories about the Mafia : drugs, dirty money, murder and investigations ), " Deadly Superbugs " ( An investigation of one of the largest health risks of the next decades ), " Football Doping " ( Everything about Doping and Painkillers in Football ), " Generation E " ( The big migration from South to North ), Couchsurfing, " Business Cheats " ( How Fraudsters Turn Forged Bonds Into Cash ), " Das Oliven鰈-Kartell ", etc.
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