for king and country in a sentence

  1. Our producer overheard our conversation and swung around in his chair and said,'What about For King & Country ?'And we all felt a sense of providence in that moment . " For King and Country " was the battle cry of English soldiers willing to lay down their lives for their king and their country.
  2. As a writer Musulin published two more books : " Moze li se pomoi naaem narodu u Staroj Srbiji " ( Can Our People be Helped in Old Serbia ), in which he once again showed his great attachment for his homeland, and " Za kralja i otad ~ binu " ( For King and Country ).
  3. "We hope to give people walking the Freedom Trail a better idea of what was happening in the colonies before the Revolution, " said Donald Carleton, exhibit project manager, " and show that there was a time when New Englanders were enthusiastic participants in the British Empire and quite happy to fight for king and country ."
  4. There are two enamelled flags at the top in the centre, the current Australian flag and the Union Jack, and on either side is the emblem of the AIF . At the bottom in the centre is a plastic replica of Brittania, with the words " For king and country ", and in each of the bottom corners is a cannon.
  5. Reed re-recorded the five original tracks in his own studio, playing all instruments and singing, which attracted label interest from the Dutch label SI . During early 1993 Rob recorded new material, and included some of the previously re-recorded tracks from the last demo for the release of " For King And Country " in May 1993.
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