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  1. Thomas A . Lewis'" For King and Country " and Richard Norton Smith's " Patriarch, " regale the reader with many of the same sort of celebratory tales recounted in these pages.
  2. However, they failed, mainly because of to an eleventh-hour decision by printers of the " Daily Mail " to refuse to print an editorial ( " For King and Country " ) condemning the general strike.
  3. Its design loosely resembles the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens and features the Coat of Arms of the erstwhile ruling family of Kapurthala with their royal motto " Pro Rege et Patria " ( For King and Country ) on its pediment.
  4. The notion of strapping young men going off to fight for king and country in foreign fields, despite knowing that in all likelihood they'd come back all shot up, if they came back at all-this was the epitome of romanticism.
  5. He also served in World War II, his name is on the Honours Board at Puni School to remember those who served for King and Country during World War II, he is also on the honours board by the printing office at Pukekohe High School.
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  7. And it is said that a substantial number of his fellow Oxford students who had voted in favor of the " King and Country " motion went on, nonetheless, to fight for King and Country and against the Axis powers in World War II.
  8. In addition, his family marked the one-year anniversary of his death with a tribute in a local newspaper : " For king and country well he stood, Unknown to cowards'fears; In battle strife he shed his blood With the Ulster Volunteers.
  9. "Christianity Today "'s Lisa Ann Cockrel said " " Crave " is full of hopeful anthems that ratify For King and Country's earnest moniker . " However, Cockrel wrote " More grit would have served the project well.
  10. The club's stay at Monkstown Avenue was of a short duration and by 1906 they were back at Tivoli Terrace where they remained until 1919 . During the period of the Great War hockey was suspended in Ireland and very many players fought for King and Country.
  11. The inscription reads : " In memory of all ranks of the 42nd East Lancashire Territorial Division who gave their lives for King and Country during the Great War and in commemoration of the attack and capture of the Hindenburg line at Trescault by the Division on 28 September 1918"
  12. On a similar vein to either Switchfoot, Aaron Gillespie or Needtobreathe; " The Alignment " certainly stands tall along with " For King and Country, Moriah Peters, and Adam Cappa respectively ) as one of the most compelling debut projects of 2012 !"
  13. The casket was banded with iron, and a medieval crusader's sword chosen by The King personally from the Royal Collection was affixed to the top and surmounted by an iron shield bearing the inscription'A British Warrior who fell in the Great War 1914 1918 for King and Country '.
  14. A third story, " For King and Country ", guest-starring Gabriel Woolf, was released in early 2008 and broadcast in 2009 . The fourth story " The Curse of the Black Comet ", guest-starring Brian Blessed, was released in 2009 and broadcast in 2010.
  15. Both the Stone & Wagner versions Brit-Cit justice were used in the Dredd audio play " Get Karter ! ", while " For King And Country " uses elements from the Armitage strips ( the Forbidden Citadel and Star Chamber ) while portraying the Brit-Cit Justice Department as mainly effective.
  16. In his reminiscences " For King and Country ", Nelson Albert Tomalin describes a rather home-made version of Red Sea rig worn on board the whaler Southern Sea in 1943 as " . . . white shirt with epaulettes and long blue trousers with a black scarf as a cummerbund . . . ".
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