for keeps in a sentence

"for keeps" meaning  "for keeps" in Chinese  
  1. The last count so far is 10-5 for keep.
  2. These guys are going to be playing for keeps.
  3. But channels that go up to 128 kilobits or even higher are playing for keeps.
  4. When I was in Pittsburgh, we played for keeps.
  5. That the games aren't for keeps doesn't faze fans.
  6. It's difficult to find for keeps in a sentence.
  7. But destruction of our surroundings is for keeps.
  8. He will retire again Wednesday, supposedly for keeps.
  9. This shows he is playing for keeps again.
  10. If there was consensus, it was for keep.
  11. But the four tattoos are here for keeps.
  12. "We don't play for keeps in our tournament,"
  13. In the Stewart family, everyone played for keeps.
  14. Once the season starts, everything is for keeps.
  15. And all of them are playing for keeps.
  16. They don't always play for keeps, either.
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