for keeps in a sentence

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  1. MAIN STORY : Don't rile the rattlers, they're playing for keeps
  2. IMHO, the delete arguments are stronger than the ones for keep.
  3. Then the editor has canvassed the AFD for keep votes.
  4. PLAYING FOR KEEPS, by David Halberstam . ( Random House,
  5. A reckless one will always " play for keeps ."
  6. It's difficult to find for keeps in a sentence.
  7. They lead with their hearts and they play for keeps.
  8. Roger Federer hadn't played anybody for keeps in six weeks.
  9. Once the ball is snapped, they're playing for keeps ."
  10. I would really like to get another taste and take it home for keeps.
  11. The battles being fought for keeps today are in Washington, not Hollywood or Cambridge.
  12. Arguments for keep based on notability guidelines are pretty strong.
  13. What I am not seeing are policy-based arguments for keep.
  14. In 11 days, the Cowboys begin playing for keeps.
  15. In his author's note in " Playing for Keeps,"
  16. But we play for keeps, just as they do.
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