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  1. Going back to Richard III, the English monarchy always played for keeps.
  2. The department told him Friday that the plate was his for keeps.
  3. Even in the snowfields at Rangeley, the Marines are playing for keeps.
  4. PLAYING FOR KEEPS : Michael Jordan and the World He Made.
  5. There was one vote for keep and one well argued vote against transwiki.
  6. It's difficult to find for keeps in a sentence.
  7. I do not find the arguments for Keep nearly as convincing.
  8. It is just above the threshold for keep in my view.
  9. Brazil were given the Jules Rimet Trophy for keeps after winning in 1970.
  10. He plays defense for keeps to keep his average from getting him down.
  11. Approximately six SPAs were involved : 3 for delete and 3 for keep.
  12. Herry to fight it out for keep perfect record, JAKARTA POST
  13. PLAYING FOR KEEPS : Michael Jordan and the World He Made
  14. When they fire directly on an occupied vehicle, they are playing for keeps.
  15. It's just a game _ even when the cops start playing for keeps.
  16. However, the Serbs say the most valuable Bosnian territory is theirs for keeps.
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