for joy in a sentence

"for joy" in Chinese  
  1. McGuire, all seashells and balloons at last, wept for joy.
  2. My freshman year I might have been jumping for joy.
  3. I was looking for joy and, instead, settled for fun.
  4. My heart danced for joy and my dying soul revived.
  5. They're weeping for joy because running has changed their lives.
  6. It's difficult to find for joy in a sentence.
  7. I probably won't jump for joy if they accept it.
  8. Riegler said after jumping for joy in the finish enclosure.
  9. Kathy Jager knows what it means to jump for joy.
  10. And unseen angels celebrate, for joy is in this place.
  11. They're considered weekend cars, used for joy riding around town.
  12. As her serve rocketed past Hingis, Williams squealed for joy.
  13. I got married at 19, my father jumping for joy.
  14. Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
  15. I jumped for joy when I went to Florida.
  16. Feel like running and dancing for joy . ..
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