for joy in a sentence

"for joy" in Chinese  
  1. Clothes shown as puppets on strings were literally jumping for joy.
  2. That's no cause for anybody to dance and shout for joy.
  3. Take the relaxation pledge and make time for joy, starting now.
  4. Mrs . Willey said Ms . Tripp might have mistaken tension for joy.
  5. When it ended, she jumped for joy in the sand pit.
  6. It's difficult to find for joy in a sentence.
  7. I went into the adjoining room and cried for joy ."
  8. She screamed for joy as soon as she finished her climb.
  9. We hugged each other and yelled and jumped up and down for joy,
  10. But rich in beauty and variety, it is cause for joy.
  11. His descriptions of these are in themselves a cause for joy.
  12. So are those afflicted with extra pounds jumping up and down for joy?
  13. Bless those who work for money _ yes _ but also for joy.
  14. Normally staid players pump their fists and jump for joy.
  15. The Dragon jumps for joy as he is now ferocious.
  16. That this visionary image has survived is cause for joy.
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