for joy in a sentence

"for joy" in Chinese  
  1. When she won the visa lottery, Karapetian screamed and cried for joy.
  2. Beneath the calm, all she wanted to do was scream for joy.
  3. Everyone in the family thought he ought to be jumping for joy.
  4. Rebel supporters there banged drums for joy and danced in the streets.
  5. We have to make technology to be for beauty and for joy.
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  7. Novotna jumped for joy, raised her arms and broke into a grin.
  8. They are described as " a Native American symbol for joy ".
  9. We were so thrilled over our success that we jumped for joy.
  10. When rescuers found Michelle, Juan Carlos jumped for joy like everyone else.
  11. Then of course there's her search for joy _ the documentary.
  12. Then came the walk that sends the Braves jumping for joy.
  13. One moment I was shaking with fear and the next jumping for joy.
  14. European captain Seve Ballesteros jumped for joy and pumped both fists.
  15. Yet don't expect Doves to jump for joy about the analogy.
  16. So much for joy and pride in concluding successful negotiations with the Chinese.
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