for john in a sentence

  1. But neither is he a stand-in for John Kerry.
  2. Robin Blusiewicz wants to make her vote for John Kerry count.
  3. His works include " Elegy for John Donne,"
  4. Pilgrims in the crowd said they were praying for John Paul.
  5. For most people this would be enough but not for John.
  6. It's difficult to find for john in a sentence.
  7. That doesn't change my personal feelings for John Elway.
  8. The Vatican saw the releases as a victory for John Paul.
  9. Rooting for John is like rooting for your next door neighbor.
  10. It didn't do badly for John Travolta, either.
  11. A second miracle must be certified for John to be canonized.
  12. But for John Paul, modern Mideast politics shaped the visit.
  13. Every Tuesday has been good for John Kerry this primary season.
  14. This made a richly varied and interesting childhood possible for John.
  15. Mary Lou Williams, the pianist for John Hammond about Christian.
  16. Kristin drops a line down another shaft for John to escape.
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